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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hell Bound by Andrew P. Weston

Hellbound is a comedic and engrossing look into the life of Satan's reaper. When a certain undesirable manages to escape his punishment its up to Daemon Grimm to bring the madman under control and restore his and Satan's bad name. The world of Hell is much like ours with heroes, criminals and those just trying to get by. The characters are so richly imagined youll find yourself booing and cheering for people you never would have imagined you would previously!
This is such a unique and exciting novel I guarantee you'll love it. What's not to love about a mystery/thriller set in Hell???

Monday, November 30, 2015

Best Compact Sewing Kit by Sewing Gear

I have tried a few kits over the last three months and I have to say that overall I prefer Sewing Gear's kit. First of all they give you extra pins and safety pins. the biggest plus for me is how it is put together.There are only two spools of thread per elastic holder which keeps them firmly in place, other brands put at many as ten under one elastic and you'll find that they quickly fall out. This kit also has a much better needle holder with far more needles than other kits I have received and it is much easier to use. The scissors have a nice point that is slightly curved for getting into tight spaces and accomplishing precision work.

Larger, easier to use needle holder
Extra safety pins
Items stay in place better
Pointed scissors
Two needle threaders
Sleeker case than most kits.

Scissor handles are kinds small for me and not as comfortable as ones from another kit.
Only one spool of white and black thread; some kits come with two of these colors.
No pin cushion but for me that really doesn't matter.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Home Design - 14 Inch Super Bright LED Desk Lamp - Adjustable - Flexible - Gooseneck Desk Light - Reading Light - Dorm Room Light - Energy Efficient (White

I got this to place on my shelf next to my couch for crafting and reading. It is sturdy and stays in place even while manipulating the adjustable neck, a problem I have had with other such lamps is movement while adjusting. The light is nice and bright but not so much as to cause eye irritation. The cord is long enough that I have no problems placing it where I want. This has been really helpful for my nighttime crocheting as I can easily see what I am doing and not only adjust the neck but also turn the light itself!! *** I received this item free in exchange for my honest review

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Secrets of Blood and Bone by Rebecca Alexander

The Secrets of Blood and Bone is the follow-up to The Secrets of Life and Death which I also had the pleasure of reading and is available on Amazon in ebook form for just $9.99. I really enjoyed the first novel so I was very excited to received The Secrets of Blood and Bone for free to review.
   Jackdaw Hammond has defeated Elizabeth Bathory the villainous monster responsible for an untold number of murders of young children in her pursuit of ever-lasting life. Jackdaw is no ordinary woman, no far from it, she herself has a secret for she was once dead or nearly so anyway. Now, she spends her days helping those like her and trying desperately to keep her secret.
  Unfortunately, the episode with Bathory has taken its toll and Jack retreats to a new home for a little rest only to find it is not to be. She instead encounters a family with secrets of its own- dark secrets. She will find herself in an epic battle for her soul that will test not only her resolve but that of her dear friend Felix.

 The Secrets of Blood and Bone as well as its prequel The Secrets of Life and Death will make excellent editions to your urban fantasy collection! It is full of adrenaline pumping action as well as emotional heartstrings pulling.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

The Library at Mount Char is a delightfully twisted tale that will pull you in to a world of epic oddities. It is without a doubt the most original and entertaining work of fantasy that I have had the pleasure of reading in quite sometime. I suggest setting aside a few hours before diving into this novel as you won't be able to put it down! 
It is a world of strange and often macabre gods who not only turn on each other but ultimately their creator. Carolyn is a strangely likeable and complex heroine whose path is challenged by her friendship with a human who was originally just a pawn in her game.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Sweatapolita Bakebook

This is an amazing book that teaches you to bake all kinds of amazing goodies. From edible chalk to making your own sprinkles there is something for everyone. The recipes are thorough and easy to understand.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Mapmaker's Children

This is a beautifully written book that takes you into the past for a mystery full heartache and triumph! Eden needs  change of scenery after trying so hard for years to have a baby so she and her husband move to a quaint town,rich in Cival War history. As Eden shuts down her husband in a desperate bid to reach her brings home a puppy which she resents. He hires the neighbor girl to feed and walk the dog and slowly Eden comes back to the world. With young Cleo's help she discovers the haunted history of her home which was once apart of the underground railroad. 
This is a great read that will hold your interest.