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Monday, November 30, 2015

Best Compact Sewing Kit by Sewing Gear

I have tried a few kits over the last three months and I have to say that overall I prefer Sewing Gear's kit. First of all they give you extra pins and safety pins. the biggest plus for me is how it is put together.There are only two spools of thread per elastic holder which keeps them firmly in place, other brands put at many as ten under one elastic and you'll find that they quickly fall out. This kit also has a much better needle holder with far more needles than other kits I have received and it is much easier to use. The scissors have a nice point that is slightly curved for getting into tight spaces and accomplishing precision work.

Larger, easier to use needle holder
Extra safety pins
Items stay in place better
Pointed scissors
Two needle threaders
Sleeker case than most kits.

Scissor handles are kinds small for me and not as comfortable as ones from another kit.
Only one spool of white and black thread; some kits come with two of these colors.
No pin cushion but for me that really doesn't matter.

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