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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Companions by R.A. Salvatore

The Companions is a new spin on the classic epic fantasy. When Breunor, King of the Dwarves, is killed in battle he finds himself surprised, if not angry, to be in the realm of the Goddess Mielikki whom he does not worship. More surprising is that his long departed daughter Catti-brie is there as well. She informs him that along with another friend, Regis, they must return to the mortal world to save the people that they love. Catti-brie is a mesmerizing character that you will love to follow the exploits of along with her companions who have been scattered to the winds to be reborn. Will Catti-brie and Regis survive their harrowing childhoods? Will Breunor move past being a pawn in Mielikki's plans? Will all three of them survive their journeys, escape their enemies to meet up again as planned?? If you love a novel full of dwarves, halflings, dark elves and vampire dwarves - yes I said vampire dwarves; you'll love The Companions.

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