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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Snow Garden by Christopher Rice

The Snow Garden is a mind-blowing thriller that makes you question your own morals while keeping you on edge! Christopher Rice has once again managed to work his subtle complexity magic is this coming - of -age thriller about a young man that has an affair with his professor and all the madness that ensues.
Randall is a young gay man who has befriended Katherine during their first few months at the elite Atherton University. Both have a history that they keep close to their hearts and as Randall pursues a secret affair with a married male professor their relationship is strained to the limit.
When the professor's wife dies in what most believe is an accident due to her own intoxication a series of strange events are set into motion that leads Randall to believe that their is more to the story. His search for the truth brings many people down and some to their deaths and Katherine discovers that her good friend isn't at all who she thought he was.
The Snow Garden is a tangled journey through the souls of its characters and I know I've probably said it before but it REALLY applies to this novel; you won't see the ending coming!

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