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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Love Most Dangerous by Martin Lake

A harrowing tale of court politics, power and maybe even a little bit of love. Young Alice Petherton was a Maid of Honor to King Henry's current queen until she passed away from supposedly complications of childbirth. Without the protection of the queen and her growing beauty she becomes the object of Richard Rich's attention. unfortunately Richard is a lord of ill repute who tries to rape Alice when she rebuffs his attentions.
Desperately and pretty much alone she sets out to befriend King Henry in the hopes that he will intercede on her behalf but what innocent Alice soon realizes is that being one of the King's Favorites isn't just about reading him poetry. Somewhat reluctantly she becomes his mistress and soon enjoys new appartments, fine clothing and all that goes with being Henry's favorite until she makes the fatal error of disagreeing with the overly proud king. He sends he back to her original apartment and makes it clear she is no longer in good standing with him.
Unfortunately for Alice, Richard is back and when she again refuses him he doctors an order banishing her from court with nothing but the clothes on her back. Sent to London she lives with a family and (against the mother's advice) strikes up an affair with the son. To pay a gambling debt the scoundrel sells her to the highest bidder. When she manages to escape her abusive situation a man she once helped comes to her rescue.
Will young Alice ever find happiness?
A Love Most Dangerous is an enjoyable, breathtaking journey through the ups and downs of the dangerous life of anyone involved in the court of King Henry. Alice is a a delightful every-woman that will charm the reader and keep them wanting more. I would love to see another installment featuring the further misadventures of
Alice Petherton.