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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Execution by Sharon Cramer

This is a captivating novel about a priest and a prisoner but so much more. When D'ata performs his unenviable duty of giving absolution to the condemned on the eve of their executions he is startled by what he finds, a young man with his features. Upon further inspection he discovers that the prisoner is actually a twin brother he never knew about.
D'ata was abandoned on a church step as an infant and grew-up the golden boy of a rich family being groomed for a life in the church until she came into his life. His condemned brother remained with their mother until her life ended and his continued in an orphanage until he was finally given in apprenticeship to a devious innkeeper.
The story of their childhoods and how they came to this place in their lives unfolds beautifully and even the hardest heart just might shed a tear as they tell of family and loves lost, cruelty and kindness, and what choices have brought them to this moment.
I enjoyed this book and hope to see more from Sharon Cramer!

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