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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Anomaly by Wendy Joyce

Zia is Soul that breaks all the rules but means well just the same. She just can't seem to fathom what she is doing wrong or why the Guides are cross with her. She just isn't like the other Souls in Haven. Every time she is sent to Earth to be born she messes up and the some in Haven fear she will turn from One (sort of like God) and become one of Niie (basically Satan) When Zia is assigned Alpha for a Guide and comes to care for her 'sister' Jen; she finally starts to get the hang of her purpose. Unfortunately when she meets on the Neutral Ground in her next 'life' she must battle balance and keep it from shifting in Niie's favor.
This was an excellent book that I couldn't wait to get back to everyday. Zia is a complex and hilariously fun character who bumbles her way admirably through to her destiny. Full of unique concepts and terrific character you will enjoy The Anomaly - I guarantee it.

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