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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Private Down Under by James Patterson

I love a thriller that keeps me guessing and Private Down Under is just such a novel! When Private is celebrating their opening in Sydney a young man wanders into the proceedings and promptly dies. He's been tortured and it looks like the Triads are responsible but why? Also a string of grisly tortures is taking place of young, wealthy women. What's the motive? Is a serial killer one the loose?
I love the character of Darlene, she kind of reminds me of Abby on NCIS. The man with the plan, Craig is a complex and engaging character that always gets his man, if I may be so cliche, but will he solve the link between the victims in time to save another woman's life or will his meddling cousin, a police officer with a vendetta against him, ruin his chances?

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