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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Vines by Christopher Rice

Christopher Rice is fast becoming a master of supernatural thrillers that creep-you-out long after you finish the novel. The Vines is both entertaining and exceptionally different from most supernatural thrillers.
 The Vines takes place on the historic plantation of Spring House where there is something evil hiding and waiting for its chance to be set free. Its chance arrives in the form of Cailtin, the young and unhappy woman that has inherited the cursed land.
 When Caitlin finally comes to her senses and accepts that her husband is a no-good cheat she runs-off to kill herself unable to cope with the betrayal and the realization that she has been so foolish. Breaking her glass she tries to slit her wrist just like her wonderful, cop husband taught her once - so that it couldn't be repaired. To her astonishment, instead of dying something comes out of the ground, something hungry and looking for human blood and rage to set it free, the vines.
  Screams come from the shed where her husband has taken his latest fling and as everyone runs to see what it the matter the vines heal Caitlin's wounds and her cowardice. The hussy reappears bloody and crazed but where is her husband?
 As Nova, the land keeper's daughter, searches for answers it is a race against time to stop the evil that has been unleashed by Caitlin who has been changed by her experience. She is obsessed with revenge, the revenge and redemption that the vines seek. Nova discovers that the plantation's bloody slave history holds the key and it will take all her courage to end the cycle and free the land.
 The Vines is yet another terrific novel from Christopher Rice that is so engrossing I read it in two nights!

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