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Monday, October 21, 2013

Divergent by Veronica Roth

So I figured since Divergent is going to be a movie that I would review it. Normally I avoid teeny bopper type books because I usually find them annoyingly silly, especially when the lead is a teen girl. Anyway, I enjoyed Divergent and the proof of that is in the fact that it only took me two days to read. Its an easy read so you or your teen can easily enjoy it in a minimal amount of time. If you like The Hunger Games you'll like Divergent better. The teens in this book are more realistic and relatable I feel and the story more genuine. It's a Dystopian novel where the people are divided into five factions which determines what they will do in life. If you can't pass the initiation process for the faction that you choose than you become factionless (homeless and impoverished).
The centers on a strong heroine named Beatrice who is from a faction called Abnegation; it is a faction of selflessness and service but Beatrice decides that it is not right for her. When she goes to take her aptitude test she finds out that she is Divergent (she doesn't fit into one or two factions like most people) This fact puts her very life in danger as she struggles to fit in with her new faction (much to her parents dismay she does not choose Abnegation but Dauntless) While working against preconceived prejudices about her former faction and her own weaknesses and doubts she discovers a horrifying plot that she must stop for the good of all the factions. I enjoyed Divergent though it isn't in my top 20 books it certainly deserves at least 3 1.2 stars.

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