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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Warded Man (book 1 of the Demon Cycle) by Peter V. Brett

This is one of my favorite series and I can't wait for the fourth installment. I usually have a hard time describing it but I'll do my best. At one time mankind was in a battle with demons for control of the night. Eventually we developed battle wards and such and were able to beat-back the demon scourge enough that they ceased coming to our world. People became complacent and forgot the battle wards.
Unfortunately the demons didn't forget and after the numbers had increased they returned to slaughter mankind.
Most people cowered in fear, hiding behind protection wards at night but when one young boy - Arlen- witnesses his mother's mutilation and subsequent death due in part to his father's inaction and fear things change. He sets out on a journey to find people who battle the demons not just hide from them and his life is changed forever.
He becomes a man, the warded man and to many the Deliverer though it is a title he does not relish. In desperation after being betrayed by a friend and let for dead in the desert he wards his body to survive.

But there is a Krasian man who was once his Arlen's friend who fancies himself the Deliverer. He sets out to conquer, for what he thinks is the good of man, the other kingdoms for soldiers in his war against the demons.
Together with Leesha, a young healer and Rojer man who uses a fiddle to sooth the savage demons; Arlen must teach others to take back the night and control of their lives.

This is the debut novel of Peter V. Brett and it is a magnificent one. He is one of my favorite authors and his Demon Cycle series is worth every penny you will spend!

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