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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Daylight War (Book 3 of the Demon Cycle) by Peter V. Brett

Peter V. Brett's The Demon Cycle series is astoundingly full of original concepts and non-stop action. The Daylight War continues this tradition as Arlen and Jardir continue to butt heads. The Warded Man just wants to help the people alongside his love Renna - he does not consider himself the Deliverer even if everyone else keeps insisting that he is. He discovers a scary new breed of demon that can control not only the minds of other demons but of people as well. Jardir continues to move forward in his Daylight War but has his sights set on making Leesha one of his many wives when she travels to try and make peace with him to save Deliverer's Hollow, her home. War rages on not only between humans and demons but between Leesha, Jardir and his jealous wife.
Full of action that climaxes in a cliff-hanger ending that will leave you breathless the Daylight War awesome. You will be biting your nails with nervous energy waiting for the next installment.The Demon Cycle is a must for all epic fantasy fans!
  5 out of 5 stars!!

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