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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Innocence by Dean Koontz

Innocence isn't what you typically expect from Dean Koontz, its better. Its a gentle love story wrapped up with tragedy, mystery and a touch of supernatural spices. Addison's life was traumatic right from the start - the midwife tried to smother him. Many years later his mother, unable to cope any longer with raising him sent him out into the world with a backpack full of food and little else. All he knew was that in order to survive he couldn't be seen, people always tried to kill him if they saw his face. Alone and afraid he makes his way to the city where being at the wrong place at the wrong time nearly costs him his life until a man such as himself intervenes and takes him to sanctuary beneath the bowels of the city. He learns to accept that people will always react negatively to him until one day he meets a girl that isn't like the others - a pseudo Goth girl named Gwen. Gwen has a dark past as well along with a crimpling social phobia that keeps her locked away and in fear of being touched. They come together just in time to save Gwen's life and the lives of others such as themselves before the world changes forever.
I really enjoyed this book, it is far different from the usual Koontz novels. The book will keep you guessing as to why people want to kill him. What makes him so frightening to others? Why is Gwen so scared of people? What is so special about both of them?

Innocence goes on sale December 2013 but can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

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